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Counselling Session

Counselling Session

Our admission and visa counselling services are FREE, and you will not be charged.
Our counselling service takes into consideration your entire admission process life cycle: from finding the right course / program of study, and the best suited university to follow up on admission process till final admission offer, Visa Application, accommodation enrolment.
This whole journey can be overwhelming and challenging, to prospective university student- given the number of programs, universities, and information available out there.
Uni Admission Consult with our trained and experienced consultant will not only take away the hassles but guide and help you select your best course in line with your chosen career path, to helping you join your dream University, guide you through the rigorous application process and study Visa, to your enrolment and accommodation.

What Does the Service Entail?

Our initial consultation can be face-to-face or over the phone – Due to pandemic we employ the use of all digital communication means through SKYPE, TEAM and ZOOM to have a face-to-face meeting depending on which is suitable for you.
Our Consultant will try as much possible to closely understand your profile, future and will go through many questions aimed helping you achieve your career path and goals, to help you find suitable courses / programs and appropriate university with our partner network.

What Should I Do If INeed the Services?

Simply schedule an appointment with the seasoned counsellors at Uni Admission Consultby calling +44 (0)2034323564or email us at ADMISSIONS@uniadmissionconsult.com