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Why Study In The UK?
With loads of opportunities and benefits up for grabs, little wonder the UK is the second most popular study abroad destination amongst prospective international students worldwide. Let’s have a look!
Reason & Benefits
Numerous Academic Benefits
Regardless of where you find yourself, your UK degree will always be treated in the highest regard. This is probably the biggest reason why the UK remains one of the most popular destination for international students. The degree automatically gives you an advantage in the labour market and also improves your ability to land your dream job with higher salary and great allowances.
The UK is home to a plethora of universities offering a wide array of courses. Simply think of a course and you can study it in the United Kingdom. You will get all skills and qualities necessary to succeed in your chosen field as well as an upgrade on your English language proficiency – required by most employers as part of their recruitment criteria.
As an international student in the UK, you’ll get a high quality, affordable education and a certification recognized and respected worldwide. Setting out, you are sure to find your most preferred environment, course of study and acquire the necessary skills that are vital for success. Work opportunities are in abundance and the country is a home to all.
Great Financial Benefits
In the UK, you are offered true value for every dime spent! If what you seek is highly affordable but top quality education – then the UK is probably not for you. These days, you’d always have to choose between both options. To get a high quality education, you’d definitely need to pay a significant sum of money and the UK is a perfect example of this. Good news is, international students have the opportunity to benefit from several grants, scholarships as well as bursaries to greatly lessen their financial burden. Cost of living in the country is also very reasonable and attractive regardless of your budget.
Other benefits
Studying in the UK automatically gives you an access to both Europe and the world at large. Every year, over 100,000 international students are welcomed to the country to study, explore, improve and meet with new people from varying cultures across the globe. Therefore apart from being a gateway to the rest of Europe and possessing a unique and welcoming culture, the UK represents the perfect place for individuals from all backgrounds. The country boasts a plethora of fun activities and places including art galleries, open-air markets, concerts and pubs were you can socialize with some of the natives.
Basically, the UK offers you the glorious opportunity to receive world-class education in a highly multi-cultural environment designed to give you the skills and qualities needed to improve your employability and get you ready for that life you’ve always desired after University. Now that you’re aware studying in the UK means a lot more than just your dreams coming true, why would you ignore studying in the UK in your near future?
Finding A School (University/College)
Are you looking to get the perfect school for you in the UK? We are here to help! Simply give us your requirements and we’ll get a perfect match in little time. However if you wish to go about the search yourself, do check the application deadline and entry requirements to select your most suitable option.
Finding Courses
With courses being very specialized in the UK, you are advised to read courses description carefully and browse through the university website for further information on their degrees and diplomas.
Preparation to Come
At University Admission Consult (UAC), we offer you student visa guidance, pre-departure guidance, accommodation services, scholarship assistance, aftercare services, university admissions process support as well as pre-departure support.
Our Processes
Fill and submit the University Admission Consult online form or contact us directly.
Once done, we’ll reach out to you to better understand your needs and carry out a research based on the information provided to ensure your eligibility for the selected course. If eligible, we’ll reach out to you to provide a full explanation on the application process and proceed with the application on your approval. However if found to be ineligible, you will be offered another course for which the requirements are met or duly advised based on the circumstances.
Based on the requirements of your selected University, you are to provide the original documents of the necessary information in person.
We work hand-in-hand with the University on your behalf and submit your application.
The University will reach out to you on the status of your application.
Upon successful application, you’re to apply for student finance online
After successful completion of student finance application form, you are to enrol with the CRN reference number.
Induction and commencement of classes as scheduled by the selected University

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