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English Language Preparation

Learn English Language in the UK

Your mastery of English is not that good? No problem. In the UK, you will find several English Language centers waiting and ready to help improve your English communication skills.

They run between one and three terms and offer international students the to opportunity to improve their English Language which to enable students’ academic success.

International students from Non-English-speaking countries can learn UK style of university teaching, to general English language (reading, writing, listening and speaking) to achieve the require IELTS for progression to a foundation programme.


The main goal of these courses is to prepare and enable students for academic study within the UK university system achieve the following:

  • Focused course learning designed to progress students onto their chosen foundation programme
  • improved English Language (speaking, writing, reading and listening)
  • Greater understanding of British and American universities (depending on country of choice) over teaching style and convention
  • Learn and experience a wide range of assessment methods commonly used in the UK American universities

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