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Accommodation is one of the first things that comes to mind if you have decided to study abroad. It is where you would live for the next couple of years, eat, sleep, study and socialize. Hence, the need to take your time to explore and research before deciding.
As an international student, regardless of your budget – be it university housing or something in the private sector, you will never run out of options. However, being new to the environment and probably being your first time living abroad and on your own, you will have a lot to learn when it comes to managing costs, coping with any aspect of accommodation, or even finding the perfect place for you. Therefore, you may need some advice, assistance, and support from an outlet which you can always trust to deliver.
How We Can Help
If you are an international student in need of a top-quality apartment in the UK, and USA, then you are at the right place! Be it flats, self-catered halls or travel accommodations, we are dedicated to finding a safe and secure place for you to stay. With us, you will get a free consultation, adequate guidance, and touring of the available accommodation options (if necessary).
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Simply schedule an appointment with the seasoned counsellors at Uni Admission Consultby calling +44 (0)2034323564or email us at ADMISSIONS@uniadmissionconsult.com

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