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A personal statement for can be 4000 character or 47 lines (can be less) essay which communicates your commitment, passion, and knowledge to being selected for your degree subject and what makes you a worthy candidate to be given a place by admission tutors at their university.
A good personal statement should include:
Relevant academic subjects
An expression of your interest and passion in the subject.
Youth projects
Work experience
Interest/hobbies outside of school
For an even better personal statement, ensure to make the first line catchy, state social interests to your course, get the basics right, explain what you wish to achieve after graduation and ultimately, be honest.
Why Students Don’t Get It Right?
Many students fail to realize the importance of writing a good personal statement which leads to preparation failure and ultimately, a disastrous outcome which significantly limits their chances of gaining admission for their preferred program.
How We Can Help Guide You Through
We offer personal statement guidance services to help you in delivering not only exceptional applications that stands you out from the crowd, but also engaging, authentic and impactful ones to help you obtain your first-choice program. Our solutions include writing guidance, editing, and refining your personal statement for all application types, from Bachelors to Masters and Doctorate degrees.
What Should I Do If I Need the Services?
Simply schedule an appointment with the seasoned counsellors at Uni Admission Consult by calling +44 (0)2034323564 or email us at ADMISSIONS@uniadmissionconsult.com

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